Press Release

Hawai`i School Holds Clinical Training Seminar, “Evidence-Based Treatment Parent-Child Interaction Therapy”

Recently, the Hawai`i School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University hosted a clinical training seminar titled “Evidence-Based Treatment Parent-Child Interaction Therapy.” Dr. Steven Choy, associate professor, was the presenter.

The clinical seminar explored two evidence-based psychological treatments that have demonstrated success in improving parent-child relationship and reducing harmful parent-child interactions.

·        Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) uses behavioral and systems treatment modalities that work with both the parent and the child with in therapy room with treatment being provided by a trained therapist remotely through an earpiece for the parent. The therapy works on increasing the parent’s attunement to their child’s needs and focuses on helping the child increase positive social interactions and decrease negative destructive and non-compliant acting out behaviors.

·        Child Parent Psychotherapy is one of only a very few evidence-based relationship treatments that works with parents and infants or very young children together. The treatment uses psychodynamic and relationship treatment modalities to work through their past traumas and develop positive relationships. The therapy engages both the child and the parent in representational play therapy with the therapist in the room to guide the play and assist the parent in understanding the causes of their perception, behaviors and emotions and develop alternative healthy interactions with their child. The treatment focus is to work through the trauma so that it does not interfere with the healthy relationship between parent and child.

Choy is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the prevention, assessment and treatment of child maltreatment. With over 40 years in the field, he has a sub-specialty in developmental disabilities. In addition to his teaching, Choy is also the Director of the Family Strengthening Center (FSC) at Family Programs Hawaii. The FSC is an Argosy University-affiliated training center that provides multidisciplinary assessment, treatment and consultations services to the Department of Human Services-Child Welfare Services and Specialty Courts of the Oahu Family Court.