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Instructor at University of Ha'il College of Business Administration

Instructor at University of Ha'il College of Business Administration

Abdul Hafiz is the Vice Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at University of Ha'il College of Business Administration in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Prior to earning a Doctor of Business Administration, Business Administration from Argosy University, Washington DC in 2011, he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida and a Master of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Abdul’s first job was working as a credit analyst for American Express. He was promoted to the position of senior financial analyst, tracking costs related to running AMEX customer service centers in Fort Lauderdale; Greensboro, North Carolina; New York; and Toronto, Canada.  His next job, senior fixed assets accountant for UUNet in northern Virginia, involved analytics and learning the skill sets related to sharing information across networks. He moved on to Nextel, where he immersed himself in project management, internal software capital expenditures, and enterprise resource planning. “It was at Nextel that I decided to [pursue my terminal] degree at Argosy University, Washington, DC,” he says. Abdul has also worked as a financial systems manager for IDirect Technologies and as a part-time instructor of organizational behavior at The Art Institute of Washington, a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta.

After successfully defending his dissertation, Abdul received the news that he’d been laid off from IDirect. “I wanted to officially change my career from corporate finance to education and research, which was the purpose for pursuing [my doctorate].  I also wanted a bigger teaching opportunity, in a university setting. I decided to take an offer to go the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the request of Dr. Mohammed An Naafa. He offered me an opportunity to teach at the University of Ha’il’s new College of Business Administration (UoH CBA) in the Province of Ha’il, Saudi Arabia.”

Today, Abdul’s research includes developing funded and unfunded research programs for the College of Business Administration (CBA) faculty to pursue. “The research programs are aligned with the school’s CBA’s strategic plan which calls for the publication of 500 research papers by 2025.” He also helps Ha’il graduates with master’s degrees to find entrance into terminal degree programs around the world.

Abdul encourages current students to work hard and never give up, adding that he faced a difficult time when he lost his mother to Alzheimer’s Disease during his doctoral studies. Through determination, he was able to complete his degree. “[My program was] not easy. It was very rigorous and I needed support to get through it.  [Students considering the program should know] that academic rigor exists in the program—knowing that was the reason that I selected Argosy University, Washington,” he says. 

Abdul is proud to have recently had a research paper published, and is working on a partnership with Florida State University that would allow students from his school to attend Florida State to complete a bachelor’s degree, then move on to an advanced degree. The agreement is awaiting approval by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education. He thanks his wife for her steadfast support during his education. “I could not have gotten through the dissertation defense, the [pain] of losing my mother to Alzheimer’s while in the program, and the politics of corporate America without her love and support."

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