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Instructor of business ethics, international business, critical thinking, and special topics in globalism at Brevard College

From ancient history and biology to psychology and philosophy, Barbara Boerner is no stranger to higher education. She carries her passion for learning into classroom as an associate professor and coordinator in the Business & Organizational Leadership program at Brevard College in North Carolina.
Boerner, a graduate of the D.B.A program with a focus on international business at Argosy, Atlanta served most of her career as both teacher and student. She began her career as an instructor in a preparatory school in New England. She entered into teaching with a bachelor’s degree in ancient history and a minor in biology. There, she received two NSF grants for graduate study in biology and physical sciences.

She moved on to hold positions at the Madeira School in McLean, Virginia, Goucher College and an independent school. During this time, she earned a Master of Education and Doctorate of Education degree from The American University and a Master of Business Administration in Management Theory from Loyola University.

Boerner “retired” from this phase of her career and studied watercolor and painting. After moving to Brevard, North Carolina, Boerner became a consultant on accreditation. She moved back full time into teaching business and business ethics, a move which led her to pursue her D.B.A. degree at Argosy University.

“My first class opened up the extraordinary scope of international business, a field that provided room for my past studies and experiences, and brought me full circle to the broad based study of history during my undergraduate years,” says Boerner.”

“One of my greatest challenges was completing my Doctorate at Argosy in less than three years while working full time,” says Boerner. “Without the scheduling and help of professors and some on-line options, I would not have been able to meet this challenge.”

“I have been honored in each phase of my career but the highest points are those which came about as a result of my work at Argosy. I have had chosen and presented papers at Conferences on international business and economics in Rome, Italy; Athens, Greece; Oxford, UK; Las Vegas, USA; and was selected as a member of the Oxford Round Table on Ethics at Lincoln College, Oxford University, UK.”

Today, Boerner teaches business ethics, international business, critical thinking, management of sustainable enterprises, and special topics in globalism at Brevard. In addition, she coordinates the college’s major program, a position that requires planning, scheduling, and mentoring the faculty and majors in our program, the largest on campus.

When not teaching, she is active as President of the United Way Transylvania Co. board and serves as a member of the Transylvania Visions Board, the Transylvania Co. Library Foundation Board, the Vestry of St. Philips Episcopal Church. In addition, she provides lectures in her local Great Decisions Program and Life Long Learning Program, both continuing education programs provided in the area.

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