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Los Angeles’ Dr. Hernandez Talks ‘Giving Back’ in

Dr. Andria Hernandez, professor, Argosy University, Los Angeles, was recently quoted as a parenting mental health expert in Dr. Hernandez discussed how parents can cope with greedy kids during the holiday—and teach them to give back.


“It is quite easy, as a child, to become encapsulated by the material nature of our holidays as depicted by the numerous presents under the tree, or the gift-based classroom celebrations occurring before the holiday break,” explains Dr. Hernandez. “The enjoyment experienced when receiving and opening a gift is a very reinforcing feeling for both adults and children. This feeling is natural.”


But while it may be natural for a child to ask for more, it’s something parents should address as early as possible.  Dr. Hernandez suggests organizing family nights centered around the themes of generosity and gratitude, including inspirational movies or books about giving. Parents can even take a day to bake cookies with their kids, then deliver containers of those fresh-baked cookies to local homeless shelters, or spend an afternoon sorting through their old toys to find the gently used items that could find a second home with another family.


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