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Los Angeles faculty present at CalWORKS Institute 2017 Workshops

Dr. Joy Shabandar and Dr. Andria Hernandez of the College of Counseling, Psychology and Social Sciences at Argosy University, Los Angeles will present at the CalWORKS Institute 2017 Workshops on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. Shabandar, assistant professor and chair, together with Hernandez, licensed clinical psychologist and director of clinical training for the campus will present on the subject of “Overcoming Mental Health Barriers to Academic Success: An Advocate’s Guide” as part of the California Community Colleges CalWORKS Association conference. The workshop aims to help attendees identify key factors associated with domestic violence and depression among college students.

Through identification of verbal, non-verbal, and other behavioral cues, participants will learn how they can connect, support, and refer struggling students to appropriate resources. Participants will be provided hands-on tools and resources to take back to the classrooms in order to advocate for students who, without their intervention, may be unable to reach their educational goals.

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