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Manages practicum and post-doctoral residency programs for Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Meghan Miller was always passionate about helping individuals who suffer from mental illness. To be successful in that field, she knew it is essential to be open to growing, and willing to integrate the feedback from your teachers, mentors and supervisors.

In fact, one of her biggest challenges, according to Miller, has been demonstrating a high level of confidence. This is something that she would frequently hear as feedback from her colleagues as an area for personal growth. “I often feel that early career psychologists sit alone and question their competencies, and this can be a catalyst to burning out. I have found that talking with my peers about what it means to be an early career psychologist is often the best antidote to struggling with confidence,” says Miller.

Throughout her four years of course work at Argosy University, Twin Cities, Miller tailored her education towards a child and family emphasis since her initial career goal was work with children and families.

“I used my practicum opportunities to gain experience with this population and further my research interests. As I completed my clinical research project and was looking for internships, I continued to pursue working with the child/adolescent population at which point I found myself at Devereux Foundation in Rutland, Massachusetts,” says Miller.

Miller’s clinical training at the Devereux Foundation was exactly what she was looking for in a program. Soon after another interest developed as she went through the trainee program. She became interested in learning more about supervising others and how she could be a part of the training program itself.

As Miller completed her post doctorate training and became licensed, her clinical interest began shifting towards working with adults. She felt that having experience in this area would also assist her as she focuses on a more supervisory role.

“I applied to Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in order to gain additional experience. The timing was ideal as opportunity to be involved in the APA-accredited training program were immense. I sought out every opportunity I could to supervise or assist in developing materials for the program. As the agency expanded, so did career opportunities, one of which was the training director position,” says Miller who now enjoys her position of managing the training program for Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. She manages the practicum and post-doctoral residency programs and has the confidence she always needed to succeed.

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