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Northern Virginia’s Brian Sharpless’ Exploding Head Syndrome Study Covered in Guardian Story

Professor Brian Sharpless, instructor, the American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University | Northern Virginia, was recently mentioned by the Guardian as a world expert in the study of Exploding Head Syndrome.

The article’s authors—Christopher French, Alice M. Gregory, and Dan Denis—include a call to action for people who have experienced Exploding Head Syndrome (EHS) to contact them. “We are hoping to carry out a large-scale survey of EHS. We’re also interested in the equally intriguing phenomenon of sleep paralysis, which involves a temporary period of paralysis occurring between sleep and wakefulness.”

According to the article, EHS sounds can include explosions and other types of loud noise including gunshots, fireworks, thunder, doors slamming, clapping, shouting, and the clash of cymbals.

Results from the survey will be published in scientific journals, presented at conferences and publicized via the media, according to the authors. “In this way, we hope to make progress in learning more about the nature of such sleep-related anomalies. Just as importantly we want to help to reassure those who suffer from them that, although such episodes may be terrifying, they are essentially harmless.”

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