Press Release

Northern Virginia’s Dr. Aziz Presents at Two Conferences

Dr. Nahid Aziz, Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology Programs, the American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University | Northern Virginia, recently presented at the annual conference of Association for  Women in Psychology in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her presentation was titled The Complex Identity of 21st Century Immigrant Women: The Role of Positionality, Self-reflexivity, and Intersectionality.

Dr. Aziz’s presentation explored how globalization affects women differently depending on geographical and social contexts and what does the concept of “well-being” encompasses from an immigrant's perspective. She also discussed an action plan towards developing collaborative networks across disciplines, in hopes of analyzing subjectivities across contexts through the concepts of positionality, self-reflexivity, and intersectionality.

On April 13, 2017, Dr. Aziz will present at the 9th Annual Muslim Mental Health Conference held at the Michigan State University, department of Psychiatry of Muslim Mental Health. There, she’ll discuss the topic of Exploring Acculturation Experiences and Psychosocial well-being of the First and Second Generation Afghan Muslim Women: A Phenomenological Approach. She will share the results of her qualitative phenomenological study which she conducted with the first and second immigrant Muslim women that was an in-depth look at the lived experiences of self-identified Afghan Muslim women and their daughters living in the US. Her study focused on the psychosocial distress that has been experienced by Afghan women in the process of acculturation and adjustment in the new host country.