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Opening Doors to New Opportunities

2002 Argosy University/Phoenix graduate Tishin Donkersley had a vision. Her vision was to create a sports psychology program aimed at the development of student athletes. Fortunately, Donkersley's vision also earned her the honor of being named Adjunct Faculty of the Year at Mesa Community College.

Donkersley elevated the subject of sports psychology at Mesa Community College. "I created a program not just a class. No other community college in Arizona has a program that has grown or expanded as quickly as Mesa Community College," explains Donkersley. "I have taken a multi-disciplinary approach to the program and integrated three departments for the program: psychology, exercise-science and athletics," she continues.

Her program quickly gained the attention of many students attending the community college. "The classes have a diverse population and a wide range of men and women's sports represented. I also have students who are coaches, exercise-science majors, and performing artists," states Donkersley. It turns out that the program is so popular that there is a waiting list for entrance.

Since graduating from Argosy University/Phoenix with Cum Laude honors, Donkersley believes that her clinical psychology degree, with an emphasis in sport-exercise psychology, from Argosy University has provided her with many opportunities to expand her discipline. The development of her sports psychology program proves just that. "I chose Argosy University/Phoenix because I liked the practicum of its program. The curriculum provided a well-rounded base of knowledge in which to grow and develop," says Donkersley. She also identifies the learning environment of Argosy University as being complementary to her success in the clinical psychology program. "My core instructors extended their experience, knowledge and support and were instrumental in my development, education and growth," states Donkersley.

Donkersley proves that sometimes all you need is just a vision to get you started on your goals. She encourages other Argosy University/Phoenix students by saying, "Find something you are passionate about, develop a vision of success and spend time each day working towards your victory." Donkersley's future goals include further developing her Sport Psychology program and continuing to enhance her relationships with college and professional athletes.

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