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Prepares volunteers about to enter warzones to assist U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Djibouti

Argosy University, Denver alumna Amy Stark not only has the distinct pleasure of being the first graduate of the campus’ Master of Arts in Industrial Organizational Psychology program, but she can also add consultant for the Department of Defense to her resume.

Amy is a Human Capital/Strategic Planning consultant with the Center for Organizational Excellence and works with the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce (OSD). This workforce helps prepare volunteers to enter warzones to assist and protect our soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq and Djibouti. This influential organization works with the Department of Defense to improve policies and procedures that are so imperative for the warzones to ensure the protection of civilians and military. Amy is in constant contact with the different operations overseas to improve the transition of volunteers while in warzones.

“I have met and worked with some of the highest ranked government employees to assess the issues, present recommendations, and on a daily basis improve the standard operating procedures to improve the processes on a daily basis,” said Stark. “I also have the honor of being able to go to the Pentagon and walk among amazing men and women who serve our country.”

“I graduated college in four years with a Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing and had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do,” said Stark. She worked in a number of industries but never found a role that sparked her passion. “I knew that I have always enjoyed helping people and wanted to find something that would fill my bucket while making a difference in the world.”

Stark didn’t want to pursue the path of a traditional Master of Business Administration degree and was delighted to hear about the Master of Arts in Industrial Organizational Psychology program at Argosy University, Denver. “It focused more on the behaviors of the workplace,” said Stark. “The closer I came to finishing my master’s degree, the more I knew that it was time to move on from my current organization and follow my dreams.” Stark gave notice at her job, sold most of her belonging and moved to Washington, D.C.

“I am able to go in everyday and know that I am making a difference, said Stark. “I am officially working as a consultant in the job of my dreams and the best part is I have had two other offers with great companies in DC that could potentially lead to something down the road. It pays to follow your passion!”

“Argosy [University] prepared me for my career in so many ways,” said Stark. “The instructors were successful in their careers and had value to bring to the classes they taught. They made us think outside the box and provided us with real-life situations. To learn from professors that had years of leadership and organizational development consulting was an added-value to the program.”

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