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Professional Counseling Student Tackles Life Issues Through Written Word

Like many people in the wake of the September 11 tragedy, Ryan Steinbeck, a native of Twin Lakes Wisconsin, felt helpless and frustrated. Immensely moved by the outpouring of love and support exemplified by our fellow Americans during our nation's darkest moment, Steinbeck, an Argosy University, Schaumburg student in the professional counseling program, was moved to author a collection of poems during the aftermath of September 11.

Drawing from his professional interest in the counseling arena and his subsequent pursuit of an advanced degree in the field, Steinbeck says his Argosy University education has "helped me think more critically about myself and the world around me. And, the masters degree program in Professional Counseling has helped me to realize that I can make a contribution --- that I can give back to the community at-large in some small way."

The Argosy University program has afforded Steinbeck the opportunity to continue his education in a way he wouldn't have been able to in a traditional environment. "The benefit of easy, on-line communication with faculty, staff and other students, coupled with the accessibility of flexible weekend formats, has made my Argosy University education quite convenient and accessible. And, best of all, the program can be completed in two to three years - something especially important to students who need to maintain a balance between personal and professional commitments."

The most outstanding part of my Argosy University experience to-date has been the depth and breadth of knowledge the faculty possess as well as their ability to impart that knowledge to me in a way that makes sense," says Steinbeck. "Learning what I need in order to aspire to new heights in my professional life has been an invaluable part of my education." "The Master of Arts in Professional Counseling program at Argosy University is preparing me well to become an attentive and ethical professional who can provide counseling services in a variety of settings."

Ryan Steinbeck, Argosy University student and author of "From Darkness into Light" and an upcoming children's book that he has yet to name, says his Argosy University education is just the beginning of a bright and promising career in the professional counseling field.

"From the Darkness into Light" is Steinbeck's first book of poetry and to him, "an important social project" which addresses how truly fragile and precious life can be. "This collection of 70 poems travels through the darkness of 9/11, to forgiveness and the light of hope and healing for the future." - Ryan Steinbeck

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