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Promoting a National Dialogue: Student and Staff Member Uses Lecture Circuit to Educate Public on Crucial Issues

Pamela Noblitt is not only a student in Argosy University/Dallas master's degree in Clinical Psychology program, but also the school's Academic Resource Coordinator. However, on top of the hours logged in studying and working with students, Noblitt has also participated in an important series of lectures on significant issues relevant today.

Noblitt's presentations, conducted at various lectures and conferences in Texas and around the country, delve into societal and psychological topics from a global viewpoint. She was invited to speak at a Texas Psychology Association conference in November, speaking on the topic of the ethical treatment of child abuse victims. She was also asked to lecture at the American Anthropological Association in Washington, DC on ritual abuse in the twenty-first century. Perhaps most notably, Noblitt also presented at the United Nations Annual Conference on the Status of Women in March of 2005. Her presentation was entitled, "Ritual Abuse and Torture: A Global Presence 2005", a topic which reflects the book written by Noblitt and her husband, Cult and Ritual Abuse: Its History, Anthropology, and Recent Discovery in Contemporary America. "It was an honor and privilege for me to be included among such an auspicious group of professionals and a humbling experience to present at such a prestigious venue before an international audience," explains Noblitt.

Ironically, Noblitt's decision to attend Argosy University/Dallas came as a result of witnessing her husband present on the topic of psychopharmacology at the school in 2003. "We were both very impressed by Argosy University/Dallas's philosophy of making advanced academic pursuits more accessible to more people, and we were excited about the diversity of faculty, staff, and the student body." After being recruited to join the staff at Argosy University/Dallas, Noblitt decided to take advantage of the school's consideration for the complicated lives its students often lead. "Argosy University/Dallas responds to the complicated lives of their students by developing curriculum designed to support them without sacrificing the traditional academic environment. Every effort is made to advance the student's progress, no matter their current life situation."

Over the years, Noblitt has accumulated a number of impressive accomplishments in addition to her speaking engagements. She was very proud to be honored as one of Eckerd's 100 Women of 2000, for which she donated her $1000 grant to the charity organization Mothers Against Sexual Abuse. "This honor was significant for me because it was the first time my accomplishments were recognized in a public forum. I have been content to work in the background to achieve particular goals so I was surprised and gratified to know that my work had meaning to others." However, when asked which professional achievement has been most meaningful, she reflects first on her work with survivors of childhood trauma, which she believes has had a positive impact both on the professional community as a whole and the individual lives she was able to touch personally. "I am pleased that my work thus far has been able to aid in the long road towards recovery for those deeply affected by personal trauma. My primary goal in all my efforts has been to engage a national conversation that will give these sensitive issues the attention they require."

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