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Providing Busy Executives with Unique Format for Earning a DBA

In his previous positions as a vice president of Cat Financial Services and finance director for Caterpillar Asia, all part of Caterpillar Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines, Ed Foley was already a well-respected, knowledgeable business leader.

When Foley was promoted to a marketing management position in Caterpillar's North American Commercial Division, he decided it was time to continue learning. Foley, a self-pro-claimed student for life, was interested in pursuing his doctorate in business to learn more about how to handle business dealings on a multi-national level.

This busy executive, who already holds an MBA, was in search of a flexible, credentialed doctorate program that would allow him to pursue his degree while residing in Tokyo and Singapore. He turned to Argosy University/Sarasota.

While living abroad, he was able to take advantage of Argosy University/Sarasota's flexible, on-line format. And each month when he visited the United States, he was able to attend week-end classes on campus. Foley was able to complete the program in two years.

During his coursework at Argosy University/Sarasota, Foley focused on learning about multi-national business dealings. He opted to study an issue he was facing at Caterpillar ?why people react differently from country to country when offered the same compensation and benefit packages.

After identifying key factors that were influencing unique reactions to different pay scales and compensation packages from country to country, Foley was immediately able to apply his newfound knowledge to his real world experience at Caterpillar.

Argosy University/Sarasota's DBA Supports Corporate Leadership: Exemplifies New Trend in Higher Education.

According to Kathleen Cornett, head of the College of Business and Information Technology at Argosy University/Sarasota, where Foley attended, there is a balanced group of students enrolled not only from academia but the corporate world. There is a synergy developing between the business professionals and academic where one compliments the other. We are starting to overcome the obstacles of learning being classroom exclusive vs. being business exclusive. The university's new DBA is a good example of Argosy University's focus as a practitioner focused, career-oriented institution going beyond theory and putting application into practice.

"Some people think that someone who acquires a doctorate can only teach or be in academe, but Ed Foley is an exceptional example of someone who has an MBA who wants to build upon it," Cornett said.

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