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Psychologist at the Waimanalo Health Center; works with physicians to assist patients facing chronic illnesses

When asked about her career, Robin Miyamoto often finds herself having to respond, "Which one?" That's because Miyamoto, who received a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University, Hawai`i in 2000, manages three extremely demanding careers: as a licensed Clinical Psychologist at the Waimanalo Health Center and the St. Francis Medical Center, as well as the Director of Fellowship Training at the Tripler Army Medical Center.

As a primary-care psychologist at the Waimanalo Health Center, Miyamoto works primarily with physicians to assist patients facing chronic illnesses. She also accepted the position of Director of Fellowship Training at the Tripler Army Medical Center, where she is responsible for the supervision and training of nine psychology fellows. In addition to her two primary jobs, Miyamoto also works two days a week building her own private practice, in which she counsels patients who are suffering with cancer, renal disease, or diabetes at the St. Francis Medical Center. She helps the patients cope with the difficult emotional issues accompanying their illnesses.

Miyamoto has found that while all her careers are within the field of psychology, they still require her to employ a myriad of professional skills. "As a primary-care psychologist, I am usually more involved in preventive or a wellness focus with regards to mental health or behavioral medicine. My private practice, on the other hand, involves consulting on inpatients hospitalized for medical reasons but suffering from psychological or adjustment problems. It is much more independent work as opposed to my supervision and administrative responsibilities at Waimanalo."

Miyamoto's decision to attend Argosy University, Hawai`i was motivated by the fact that the school offers a distinctive practiced-based program. "Almost every other program I considered at other schools was rooted heavily in research, and I was eager to gain some immediate first-hand exposure in the clinical psychology environment." She also sites the availability of classes as well as a specific focus on Hawai`i's cultural diversity as factors that led her to choose the program at Argosy University.

Having to balance such a busy schedule, Miyamoto admits that she could very well become overwhelmed by all her jobs. "But in the end, I really do enjoy the vastly different responsibilities and opportunities I have at each job site. It certainly makes for a very interesting work week."

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