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Psychotherapist dedicated to whole healing with a balanced range of therapies

Connie Morlett has always been passionate about helping others. She realized early on that anyone with the right guidance can succeed. True leadership lies in guiding others to success. That is why Morlett wanted to mold her profession into something she could relate to. She wanted a rewarding career that could help change the lives of others with the right guidance.

Even though Morlett was always interested in psychotherapy, there were many different types of therapists and roads to choose from. She had to quickly decide which direction she wanted to pursue. With a positive attitude, she had to focus her ambition and determine which field would be the best fit.

“There are so many opportunities for therapists today that I was tempted to experience them all at once,” said Morlett. “So I had to pace myself and learn to let go. Having the right guidance from family, friends, colleagues and mentors helped keep me grounded and happy.”

Morlett realized that she had to expose herself to a variety of experiences. So she decided to immerse herself in the local community and joined a non-profit agency, Vets Journey Home, which is dedicated to helping veterans upon their return. By participating in their weekend workshops, she helped veterans heal the wounds from deployment, battle, PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, Traumatic Brain Injuries, divorce and addiction. For Morlett, just having the chance to work with vets and help them heal was a gift and honor. Not only that, but it was a step in the right direction to discovering herself.

Fortunately, Morlett already had a strong educational background. With a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degree, she helped manage various programs, departments and schools in the adult education field since 2000. Nevertheless, she wanted to leverage her background in business into something that could help others directly, and this meant continuing her education in a field that better suited her character.

“I initially chose Argosy University, Orange County because it sets the bar high for the quality of instruction and leadership that a good psychology school should have. Their reputation for graduating competent, professional clinicians in the mental health field is excellent. Equally important is the quality of its faculty. Their instructors are dedicated, highly skilled, diverse and personable. I had a rich experience in every class both academically and personally,” said Morlett.

However, it was her social network that really provided the right guidance while attending Argosy University. By joining networking groups such as the California Latino Psychological Association, she was able to grow her clinical skills and serve the Latino mental health community. The relationships she built helped provide a better insight into herself and her local community. Morlett gained the self-confidence that one needs to be competitive in this world.

“The feedback and guidance gave me the confidence that I needed to launch into my practicum site when I was still insecure about my abilities. I was encouraged to trust and fine tune myself, and learned that I was an invaluable "instrument" in the psychotherapeutic process,” added Morlett.

In July 2012, she opened up her own practice in Orange County, joining forces with Ajasrika Wellness Center, a wellness spa dedicated to whole healing with a balanced range of therapies. She quickly gained a solid reputation for effectively working with teens, women, parents and families, and met nearly every new client as a referral from local parishes, schools, colleagues and previous clients.

Morlett continues to support individuals and their families through psychotherapy. She is a program coordinator for the new Co-Parenting Center at SPIRIT & LifeQuest Counseling, and has helped develop its court approved curriculum to improve divorced co-parenting relationships for the child's safety and wellbeing. Morlett continues her work in private practice, predominantly serving the Latino community. She understands how the right guidance has helped launch her career, and is now able to give back to others the same positive feedback that helped guide her to where she is today.

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