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Refugee who escaped from Democratic Republic of Congo; seeks to reform politics in his home country

Doctor Mboyo Ndombo Bent Francis was raised in a small village with no public transportation, no electricity and no television named Bikoro in Equateur province. Today, more than 41 years later, he is fighting to change that standard of living in his native country the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A graduate of Argosy University, Seattle, Dr. Mboyo Ndombo Bent Francis, PhD, Ed.D, MBA, MS, MPH, is hoping to make an impact in his country by running as the Leadership and Change Presidential Candidate in the country’s 2011 political election.

Dr. Mboyo is a Seattle-based refugee who escaped from his country, where he was severely beaten and being held on suspicion of, “conspiring with the rebels to take over the government.” In May of 2000, he arrived in the United States with the help of Catholic priests and waited in a detention center for seven months until a United States judge granted his petition for political asylum.

After being granted asylum in the United States, Dr. Mboyo began what would become a lifetime of learning. Dr. Mboyo now holds masters degrees in Computer Science from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, in Business Administration from the University of Business Practitioners from Manchester, United Kingdom, and another in Public Health with a concentration in occupational and environmental health at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. He received his Doctorate of Education in Instructional Leadership from Argosy University, Seattle in 2008 and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Leadership and Change from Antioch University.

He is the current President of Congolese United for Social Change and World United for Democracy, a non-profit organization created to, “promote democracy and socio-economic development for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo and people of the all world while ensuring that all the people have equal access to justice, freedom of speech and opportunities.”

“The political and economic situation in Congo is no longer acceptable. The international community is aware of the unprecedented atrocities suffered by the Congolese, not to mention the undeserved poverty that is almost the norm. This, of course, is to some extent a product of history, but its continued growth is a reflection of the incompetent and predatory nature of the current Congolese government,” says Dr. Mboyo. “My goal is to use my training and to share my experience of democracy firsthand with my people, to change the current fragile state of affairs that characterizes today the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is Africa’s third largest country. According to the World Fact Book of the Central Intelligence Agency, “Conflict that began in May 1997 has dramatically reduced national output and government revenue, increased external debt, and resulted in the deaths of more than 5 million people from violence, famine, and disease.”
Dr. Mboyo lives in Seattle with his wife and five children. In April 2010, he resigned from his duties as a program administrator at PATH, a large U.S. global health organization based in Seattle that benefits more 70 countries worldwide, to pursue his presidential candidcay. He is currently teaching as an adjunct professor.

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