Press Release

San Francisco Bay Area Grad Dr. Rousmaniere Publishes Guide for Psychotherapists

Dr. Tony Rousmaniere, who in 2008 earned a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University | San Francisco Bay Area, recently published Deliberate Practice for Psychotherapists: A Guide to Improving Clinical Effectiveness.  The book explores how psychotherapists can use deliberate practice to improve their clinical effectiveness. A summary of the work says that “by sourcing through decades of research on how experts in diverse fields achieve skill mastery, the author proposes it is possible for any therapist to dramatically improve their effectiveness. However, achieving expertise isn’t easy. To improve, therapists must focus on clinical challenges and reconsider century-old methods of clinical training from the ground up.”


Dr. Rousmaniere’s book presents a step-by-step program to improve clinical effectiveness across the therapists’ entire career.


Dr. Rousmaniere is a member of the clinical faculty at the University of Washington, Seattle where he also maintains a private practice. He provides clinical supervision for advanced post-graduate psychotherapists internationally (United States, Australia, Asia, England, and Europe) and serves on committees for the Society for Advancement of Psychotherapy (American Psychological Association Division 29) and the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association.


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