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Schaumburg’s Robert Eme Authors Article Published in World Journal of Psychiatry

Robert Eme, Ph.D., professor of Clinical Psychology at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University | Schaumburg recently published an article in the World Journal of Psychiatry

Eme’s article is titled “Developmental psychopathology: A primer for clinical pediatrics.”

The article’s abstract states that “developmental psychopathology (DP), broadly defined as the scientific discipline that has as its primary goal the integration of developmental science and psychopathology into a coherent approach to explanatory models for psychopathological development, has become the do­minant approach in the past decade for understanding the origins of mental disorders among children and adolescents. Hence, it is incumbent upon those working in the field of clinical pediatrics to have at least a basic understanding of its core principles of DP. This article provided such an understanding (i.e., a primer) in an exposition of the four principles that are generally considered be core elements of with examples illustrative of each of the principles.”

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