Press Release

Sharpless publishes “Unusual and Rare Psychological Disorders” handbook

Brian A. Sharpless, PhD, associate professor of clinical psychology at The American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University | Northern Virginia recently released Unusual and Rare Psychological Disorders - A Handbook for Clinical Practice and Research through Oxford University Press.

According to Sharpless, “Many fascinating and important psychological disorders are either omitted from our current diagnostic systems or rarely covered during graduate or medical training. As a result, most mental health students and trainees are never taught to identify, diagnose, or treat them. This lack of attention has real-world consequences not only for patients, but for basic science as well. Unusual and Rare Psychological Disorders collects and synthesizes the scientific and clinical literatures for 21 lesser-known conditions. The coverage is broad, ranging from exploding head syndrome and koro to body integrity identity disorder and persistent genital arousal disorder. All chapters follow a uniform structure and introduce each disorder with a vivid clinical vignette. After discussing the historical and cultural contexts for the disorder, authors describe the typical symptoms, associated features, current role in diagnostic systems (if any), and etiologies. Clinically relevant information on assessment and differential diagnosis is also provided. Finally, authors review the treatment options and suggest future directions for research. This unique and engaging volume will not only be a useful resource for researchers and clinicians who already possess expertise in the more well-known manifestations of psychopathology, but it will also be of interest to students and trainees in the mental health professions.”

Sharpless has authored over 35 publications on various topics related to psychopathology, psychotherapy, and the history and philosophy of clinical psychology. His previous book, Sleep Paralysis: Historical, Psychological, and Medical Perspectives, co-authored with Karl Doghramji, MD, is also available through Oxford University Press.