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Argosy University/Atlanta students Avital Herbin, Joshua Breitstein, and Vicky Hsiao were elated when they received the news that they were each recipients of The F. Edward Herbert US Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship. Only 10 students across the nation have the opportunity to receive this prestigious award each year.

The F. Edward Herbert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship program was created in 1972, with the goal of ensuring adequate numbers of commissioned officers on active duty who are qualified in the various health professions. This scholarship not only pays full tuition for each recipient and, unlike many other scholarships, the F. Edward Herbert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship provides its recipients with a very generous monthly stipend each school year.

Breitstein, Herbin, and Hsiao all decided to make use of their scholarships while attending Argosy University/Atlanta in pursuit of a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. Breitstein, who entered Argosy University/Atlanta in the fall of 2003, chose the school because of the outstanding reputation that it has maintained of its clinical psychology program. He was also attracted to Argosy University/Atlanta because of the outstanding faculty that works there. "One of the most persuasive factors that led me to Argosy University was the fact that there were prominent psychologists teaching at the school, and they are excellent instructors," explains Breitstein. His short term goal consists of providing psychological counseling to soldiers coming back from Iraq. "I would like to do my part for my country in my area of expertise," says Breistein.

Herbin began her studies with Argosy University/Atlanta in the fall of 2004, with a special focus on working with families and children. "I was first attracted to Argosy University/Atlanta because of its emphasis on clinical practice, the outstanding faculty, and the low student-to-professor ratio," says Herbin. Upon graduating from Argosy University/Atlanta, Herbin also looks forward to working with the Army. "The US Army will allow me to work with a wide range of individuals, but especially with children and families dealing with the absence of a loved one," explains Herbin.

Hsiao also began her studies at Argosy University/Atlanta in the fall of 2004. She notes the school's excellent clinical training program and diverse theoretical orientation as her reasons for attending Argosy University/Atlanta. She further notes, "The faculty and staff at Argosy University/Atlanta are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that each student get what they need to succeed. I couldn't have obtained this scholarship without the help of the faculty and staff here at the school." Upon completion of her degree, Hsiao wishes to work as a clinician in the public sector of the US Army. "The US Army will provide me with an exciting challenge as well as an opportunity for me to give back to my country and those individuals who have dedicated themselves to maintaining our safety and way of life. Each patient is a deserving individual who has chosen to serve his or her country and, in return, they deserve the very best in mental health care."

Breitstein, Herbin, and Hsiao all have promising futures in the US Armed Forces, thanks in part to the education and training they have received at Argosy University/Atlanta - they understand what it means to work hard and maintain a standard of excellence.

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