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The Value of a Doctor of Business Administration Degree

As an accounting educator, practitioner, husband, and father, Dr. Andy Lafond says the Argosy University/Sarasota Doctor of Business Administration program delivers a flexible format that permits him to balance the demands of family, career, and school - something that, in his opinion, a traditional program at a large university would not allow. While he was accepted into a traditional Ph.D. program, Dr. Lafond felt that the commitment to such an endeavor would have eliminated any balance in his life. Argosy University/Sarasota allowed him tremendous life balances, improved his pedagogical skill, increased his marketability and enabled him to advance his career in academia.

Earning a Doctorate in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting has indeed been a valuable and worthwhile learning experience for Dr. Lafond. The breadth of accounting and research courses, the practical focus of the program, and interaction with fellow students and faculty have helped him to develop top-notch skills and a firm knowledge base for his success in college teaching and in conducting applied business research. Accounting studies included such coursework as an Advanced Seminar in Auditing, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, and International Accounting and Taxation; in Development of Accounting History and Theory; Research Methodology in Accounting; and, Teaching Accounting. The focus placed on understanding how to read, interpret, and conduct research prepared me well for my dissertation."

An added benefit for Dr. Lafond was the fact that his fellow classmates were either accounting educators or public/private sector accountants. "As an accounting educator with a small public accounting practice, I had much in common with other students in the program," said LaFond. "I have developed an invaluable network with colleagues that are practicing successfully all over the U.S. Sharing ideas and experiences with other professionals like them has proven to be a great benefit of the program."

"The student complement, the seminar styling of the class and the intellectual discourse on relevant issues afforded students a creative and effective learning environment not always so accessible in a traditional doctoral program format. This program allowed me to balance my family, career and educational aspirations and it improved my knowledge and skills for teaching, developed my research skills, increased my marketability and enabled me to advance my career. "What more could you ask for from a Doctor of Business Administration program?"

"Argosy University/Sarasota and its faculty not only helped provide a foundation for my dissertation research, but also broadened my knowledge of accounting. The faculty included researchers and practitioners that bring a tremendous amount of experience and scholarship in business and research to the classroom." - Dr. Andy Lafond

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