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Twin Cities Dental Hygiene Team Participates in Jamaican Mission

A team from Argosy University, Twin Cities recently traveled to Jamaica to participate in the Tryall Fund Dental Mission in Hopewell. The group of 12 consisted of staff, students and grads of the Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene program and was the fifth dental mission that the school has undertaken.

The Argosy University group landed at Sangster International Airport then traveled to the Tryall Club where they were housed and hosted by Nanci Kraus, Mission Coordinator and Tryall Fund vice president. The entire team consisted of dental students and professionals from New York and from the University of West Indies Dental School, making a combined team of 18.

They staffed two clinics—one at the Tryall Club and one at Hopewell Deliverance Christian Church in Hopewell, Jamaica.  Over five days, they treated 803 patients—over half of whom were children. The patients ranged in age from 2 to 77 years of age. 

“The dental mission was a humbling, yet rewarding experience,” said Jennifer Williams, a 2018 program graduate. “I personally feel as though it helped strengthen my skills professionally and allowed me to garner experience with a different population.”

Nanci Kraus explained that dental care can be difficult for Jamaicans to find—and often there aren’t enough dentist to serve a community.  "Each time I lead a dental mission, I am humbled and in awe of the love, caring and professionalism of all who are involved,” she said. “Each person who participates gains the understanding of what it means to become a humanitarian. In Jamaica there is an expression - One Love. That week was One Love at its finest.”

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