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Worked with sixth graders to create a book of their experiences as children of divorced parents

Carolyn Vaughan, a PsyD in Clinical Psychology student from Argosy University, San Francisco Bay Area, began her studies determined to be a well-skilled clinical psychologist. She remains diligent in completing her studies at the school, adhering to high academic standards which she set for herself to reach.

She is able to achieve these high standards with the support and encouragement from the school's faculty. "I have enjoyed my coursework, and felt challenged and stimulated by the faculty," says Vaughan.

With such a demanding academic program as Clinical Psychology, it is crucial to gain as much experience as possible, and while attending Argosy University, San Francisco Bay Area, Carolyn was able to do just that. "The excellence of the training program and faculty at Argosy University first became apparent to me when I began accruing hours in my Practicum and Pre Doctoral Internship placements," explains Vaughan. Even in the early stages of her educational program with the school, Vaughan was able to see how well prepared she will be as a clinical psychologist.

"Argosy University trains clinicians, while other schools focus more heavily on testing, research, or theory. Students assume that the clinical piece will come with time and experience," says Vaughan. She further notes that one of the reasons that make Argosy University, San Francisco Bay Area appealing is an intensive class offered in the clinical psychology department, where students work behind a one way mirror and are guided by a professor. Vaughan's clinical psychology training experience with Argosy University, San Francisco Bay Area has built a strong educational foundation that proved to be invaluable to her today.

Due to the clinical foundation and outstanding training that Argosy University has provided, Vaughn was able to receive many outstanding internships experiences. She saw these internships as a way of gaining knowledge that would elevate her in the ranks of becoming an outstanding and successful clinical psychologist.

In additional to attending Argosy University, San Francisco Bay Area, Vaughn works as an elementary school counselor, completing her clinical reasoning program on clinical intuition.

"I was able to work hard at my studies and secure a counseling position while being a pre-doctoral candidate. I did twice the required 1500 pre-doctoral internship hours, and in the end the extra effort paid off," says Vaughan.

Vaughan proves that she knows how to bridge remarkable relationships with her students. Despite her demanding schedule, Vaughn was able to help her sixth grade class write and self-publish the book Blue Roses-The Death Story of Cupid. This book is truly unique because it was authored by young students who have all coped with divorce within their families. Vaughan encouraged her students to use the book to share their stories about divorce with others and to comfort other kids also dealing with divorce. "I believe that writing the book was a very powerful way for the students to express themselves about something that really changed all of their lives," explains Vaughan.

If there is anyone who understands the fruits and labor of hard work, it would be Vaughan, who will be successfully completing her clinical psychology degree this year. Vaughan is looking forward to entering the next phase in her professional career, which will be receiving her clinical psychologist license.

She offers fellow Argosy University students the following advice: "Focus your time and energy on getting all of the experience that you can, even if it means doing more than the required hours. That extra effort will be what distinguishes you from peers."

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