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"Working Passionately" Argosy University Graduate Works to Make a Difference

People respond to traumatic experiences in different ways. Some may laugh, some may cry, some may even lash out violently. Whatever the case may be, healing from a traumatic experience takes time and for some it also takes professional help. Dr. Amy Anderson experienced her first traumatic experience while in college. After having a difficult time dealing with the death of her college roommate who passed away from cancer, she knew that she had to further explore what caused her feelings of uneasiness. "I had to face my fear, and it turns out that it turned into a passion for me," explains Anderson.

Since earning her undergraduate degree in psychology, Anderson decided to deepen her knowledge in the field by entering the Doctorate of Psychology program at Argosy University/Dallas. "I was amazed at how passionate the professors were about what they were teaching," says Anderson. "The faculty at Argosy University/Dallas were also incredibly supportive. I couldn't have made it without them," Anderson continues.

Anderson graduated with the honor of becoming one of the first of three students to complete the Doctorate of Psychology program at Argosy University/Dallas. She is currently completing her post doctorate work with the Pennsylvanian Counseling Services where she is part of an alternative program that aids offenders. "It is unbelievable how much the coursework I took at Argosy University/Dallas has prepared me," expresses Anderson.

A true love for people is what Anderson possesses. "I am so passionate about what I do and actually making a difference, and that is what keeps me going," comments Anderson. "I find that working with other people helps to make me a better person."

Anderson believes that working with offenders and their families is a very rewarding experience. "Often times an offender has undergone some form of trauma while they were younger. It is a great achievement to help them address their past and help reintroduce them into society as a better person," Anderson explains.

Anderson's love for what she does is undeniable. "I was told in high school to just stick to community college, but my passion for people and children proved that I was destined for so much more," she states. Anderson encourages other Argosy University/Dallas students to move passionately toward their dreams. In the future Anderson hopes to open up a child trauma center.

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