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Works on HR Team that Helps Candidates with the Hiring Process, Transfers, and Promotions

Lauren Holle
2016, Master of Science in Human Resource Management
Argosy University, Nashville
Human Resources Shared Services at Dollar General

“The faculty and staff at Argosy University, Nashville taught me new skills that I use every day at work—especially how to communicate with different people.”

Works on HR Team that Helps Candidates with the Hiring Process, Transfers, and Promotions

Lauren Holle works in human resources shared services at Dollar General. Her team begins the processes for leave, troubleshoots the hiring system, and helps candidates with the hiring process, transfers and promotions. “We also help with some employment verification and vacation questions,” she said. “We have our hands in a lot of different areas.”

Holle returned to school to earn a master’s degree that allowed her to work with people and improve processes. “Having a master's degree makes me feel accomplished and confident,” she stated. “I now feel more qualified to apply at jobs than I did before I went back to school. It may sound cliché, but I believe that it has opened up doors for potential jobs that may have been shut otherwise.” She earned a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from Argosy University, Nashville in 2016.

She chose to attend Argosy University, Nashville because the school offered a blended course option—a combination of online and in-school classwork. “I could take some classes online at my convenience while I worked two jobs but still could go into class one weekend a month,” she said. “I prefer the classroom style learning, but with my busy work schedule, I needed the flexibility that Argosy University, Nashville offered.”

Holle added that earning her advanced degree proved that she’s committed to hard work. “The school let me continue to use its career services tools after graduation, which helped me to update my resume,” she stated. Holle reminded current students that time management was key to her success—and recommended that they fine-tune their time management skills both inside and outside of school. “Even if you are not feeling up to it tonight, do not put it off for later. Just sit down for at least 15 minutes each day to hammer out some work. I've found that I can accomplish a lot in 15 minutes and it is much less stressful than cramming in a paper or project at the end of the class.”

She admitted that it can be hard to stick to her own advice. “Towards the end of my program, I was working two jobs and taking two classes and let my time management skills slip by the wayside,” she said. “I ended up having to retake one of my classes, but it reminded me that things do not always come easy. If we want something, then we need to work hard to accomplish that goal.” She suggested using the school’s resources when help is needed. “I asked about one-on-one classes and the school was willing to compromise and get me into the course that I needed to retake. I graduated a little later than I had originally expected, but I finished and I have a master's degree.”

Looking back at her time in school, Holle is thankful for the instructors that pushed and challenged her. “They did not let me slack off through the program,” she said. “I appreciate people that can help me to learn and grow and be able to reach my full potential. The faculty and staff taught me new skills that I use every day at work—especially how to communicate with different people.”

As she grew in her career, Holle chose to join employee resource groups that support different causes. “We do networking and social events, community service projects and fundraisers,” she added. “It is a great way to meet people and get involved at work. I have also helped out with departmental community service events and did a day helping Habitat for Humanity. I strongly suggest, wherever you work, that you get involved in something or start a group or community service project.”

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