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5 Steps to Getting Started in Social Media Marketing

Taking the first steps into social media marketing can be overwhelming. With so many platforms, audiences and content out there to explore, where do you even begin? To make it easier for you to jump into social media marketing, we’ve put together a 5 step guide to get you on track to success. Here’s what you need to know:

1.       Determine your Goals

Before you post any content, it is import to determine why you want to use social media. What do you want to accomplish with your social channels? Answering this question will help guide your social media efforts. To ensure that you are using your time and resources wisely, it’s best to start with your primary objectives in mind so that you can track and measure progress as you develop your social presence.

2.       Know Your Audience

In order for your social media marketing efforts to make a difference, you need to make sure you’re talking to the right people. Where does your target audience spend time online? What kind of conversations does your audience want to have? What information is valuable to your audience? Find out what your audience wants and needs so that you can tailor your social content specifically to them. Knowing your audience will also help you determine what kind of voice and tone your audience will respond to best.

3.       Create Compelling Content

One you get to know your audience, spend time creating content that will resonate with them. Constantly try to find ways to personally connect with your audience. Your content should give users the opportunity to engage with your brand. Ask questions, encourage conversations and ask for user generated content. The more you get your audience to talk to you, the more you can build a loyal following of people who trust you as a source that can meet their needs. No matter what you choose to post, always be authentic, personable and useful to your audience.

4.       Track Metrics

As you venture into the world of social media marketing, it is important that you learn to understand social media metrics. Social media metrics are data and statistics that give insight into your social performance. Metrics are extremely important to you as a social media marketer because they help you determine where to focus your energy on social networks and decide what content resonates with your audience. To learn about social media metrics, we recommend you spend time doing online research or taking a class.

5.       Be willing to try new things

As a social media marketer, you should always be listening and learning. Social media is constantly evolving so it is vital that you stay up-to-date on social media news and trends. Don’t be afraid to branch out and explore new ways to interact with your audiences. The more creativity you can bring to your social channels, the more your audience will want to stay engaged with you. Always look for new ways to get your messages across and don’t get stuck in the rut of posting the same kind of content over and over again. Use your resources to try something new and exciting!

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