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5 Frequently Asked Questions about Online Learning

Before endeavoring in any online learning program at Argosy University, there are several questions most people ask themselves. Knowing the answers to some of these questions helps an individual make the right decisions in the course of one's studies.

How do people interact in online classes at Argosy University?
Online classes at Argosy are asynchronous. This means that the instructors and students don't have to be online at the same time. This offers students a lot of flexibility in terms of when they can take their lessons.

What is the required time commitment to take an online course?
Several factors determine the time you need to commit to your online studies. These include prior knowledge in the field or the amount of experience in the field of study. However, it is advisable to investigate the amount of time required to take the program in normal classes and commit the same amount of time to your online classes.

What technology is required to take online classes?
Each online program varies from other online programs even if both courses are being offered in the same institution. Though the courses may differ the technology required to access online courses is essentially the same. In most cases, all that’s needed is a computer with Internet connectivity, which one uses to log in to the Argosy website.

In some cases, specialized software is required to access some learning materials but the installation process is relatively easy, and no technical knowledge is required.

How do online courses compare to regular courses?
The main difference between online degree programs and regular degree is the place of study. Online degrees can be obtained from any location in the world without ever visiting the campus physically. In terms of course work and standards both programs are similar and both programs are held to the same standards. The certificate offered on graduation to both online and regular students is also the same.

Is online learning at Argosy University for me?
To decide which learning program is the best for you, the benefits and shortcomings of both online and regular degree programs should be considered. The main reason online courses are preferred by most people is because of the flexibility they offer in terms of when and where one can conduct their studies.

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