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5 Things Productive People Avoid at Work

To be successful in your career, it's important to make a conscious effort to engage in activities that help you foster productivity.

Equally as important is avoiding forming bad professional habits that can interfere with your ability to complete your work effectively and efficiently. Such behaviors can cost you precious time and can even cost you your job or business if you aren't careful.

1. Social Media

Unless your job requires that you post on social media, it's important not to spend time during your work hours on social media for any non-job related reason. Don't check Facebook, read blogs about your favorite television shows or post on Twitter during work. These activities not only distract you from your duties but can get you in trouble with your boss.

2. Gossip

A lot of work time is wasted on gossiping about other employees and complaining about the boss. It's a good idea to socialize occasionally with your colleagues to build your work relationships. However, gossiping accomplishes nothing productive. It distracts people from their duties by making them either focus overly on negative aspects of their work and their colleagues or can even make them worried about what people are saying about them. Gossip also creates a negative working environment.

3. A Messy Desk

Some people feel that having papers all over your desk signifies that you are too busy to worry about organization. However, if you can't find phone numbers, addresses or other important information when you need it, it slows you down and interferes with productivity. Keep your desk organized; if you absolutely must have mess in order to feel productive, at least organize the piles of paper on your desk.

4. Multitasking

Although most jobs require some multitasking, it's important to keep it to a minimum. When you are trying to do too many things at once, you're likely to accomplish absolutely nothing. Instead, focus on completing one task at a time so that you can get things done.

5. Refusing to Take Breaks

Working straight through lunch won't typically help you to accomplish more. In fact, without taking frequent breaks, you won't be able to focus on what you are doing. You should take a short break at least once per 90 minutes and take a longer break at lunchtime. If your job schedule does not allow you long breaks, at least take a few minutes every so often to sit quietly at your desk without working and make a point of not working while you are eating your lunch.

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