An Inside Look at the Argosy University Career Resources) 6/1/2014 <p>Are you aware of all the ways Argosy University can help you prepare for your career? Last week,

An Inside Look at the Argosy University Career Resources

Are you aware of all the ways Argosy University can help you prepare for your career? Last week, we interviewed Kat Krull, National Director of Career Services for Argosy University, who oversees the Career Services department for Argosy University, Online Programs and the majority of our campus locations.

Kat told us all about the newest resource for students—the Career Platform—as well as everything else we offer that can be instrumental in helping you build the career you want!

AU: Tell us how the Career Platform will be beneficial to students.

KK: The Career Platform is an exceptional resource that helps students build the necessary skills and utilize the appropriate tools to successfully prepare for their career. Its multiple functions allow students to explore their passion and discover their purpose, search and apply for relevant job openings, and properly manage their job search.

After using the Career Platform, students can feel more confident that they are prepared to navigate the job search and succeed in their career.

AU: What other resources are available?

KK: In addition to the Career Platform, there are 6 other Career Resources located in the Campus Common on the Career Resources page. These tools can assist students with various facets of their job search.

The Career Assistant and Career Research Guide are 2 resources that assist students with career exploration and planning. The Resume Center helps students build their online and physical resume. Interview Practice helps students hone their interview skills. The Job Search Guide allows students to look for jobs, local companies, and contacts for networking purposes, and helps them to organize and manage their job search. Finally, our LinkedIn Group, Argosy University’s Worldwide Professionals Network, allows students to network with one another, share and receive professional insights, and stay connected with their university.

AU: How does someone access Career Platform?

KK: Students can access the Career Platform by

1. Logging into the Campus Common (
2. Clicking on the “Student Services” tab at the top right-hand side of the Home page
3. Selecting “Career Resources” from the drop-down menu
4. Clicking on “Access The Career Platform” on the Career Resources page

The rest of our Career Resources are also available on this same page in the Campus Common!

AU: When should a student start using our Career Resources?

KK: Students should start exploring the Career Resources when they first receive access to their Campus Common. It is never too early to start preparing for career success.

AU: Say a student has no clue where to start preparing for a career change. What’s your advice for that person?

KK: I’d recommend starting with the Career Platform, as it will help them discover their unique strengths. Once these are determined, they can then start exploring careers that would be most fitting for them within the Career Platform. Moreover, the Career Research Guide and Career Assistant provide students with insider information on various companies, industries, and specific jobs to assist them in their career exploration and planning.

AU: What do we offer for the student who is happily employed?

KK: There are many benefits for those who are happily employed or are simply looking to move up in their current organization.

First, I recommend that ALL students and alumni join Argosy University’s LinkedIn group to ensure that they are staying connected with Argosy University’s vast network of current and former students. Members are able to ask career-related questions, and other members can respond and share their unique experiences and insights. These questions can be helpful for those who are at any stage in their career.

Also, exploring and using these Career Resources will ensure that students are staying current with the most recent job search trends. Therefore, students can then feel confident in the case that they unexpectedly have to seek new employment, or are ready to move up in their career.

AU: Can alumni still use our Career Resources?

KK: Absolutely! These Career Resources will always remain available to alumni in their Campus Common.

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