An Overview of Argosy University, Online Programs) 11/26/2012 <p>When choosing the university where you will pursue your education, you should consider the differ

An Overview of Argosy University, Online Programs

When choosing the university where you will pursue your education, you should consider the different programs that Argosy University has to offer students. Not only is Argosy University well known for providing students with an excellent education, it has three areas of focus that makes it unique from other universities. If you are looking for an experience that has the potential to help you grow in your education, professional experience and self-confidence, Argosy University may be the perfect choice for you.

  • Tradition
    Argosy University has a 60 year history of providing students with the tools they need to make they most out of their education. The university focuses on continuing to grow with ongoing improvement.
  • Passion
    Passion is what connects students and teachers at Argosy University. The university is passionate about what it has to offer its students and hopes to create students who are passionate about their educational and career choices.
  • Excellence
    Argosy University features instructors that work in the fields they teach, helping to ensure that the education you receive is relevant to what’s happening in the industry today.

A mutual respect, social responsibility and a supportive learning environment are also aspects that you will find unique while attending Argosy University. 

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