Animation Degrees - Creating a New World) 7/12/2011 <p>The world of animation is a fantasy world. Ever since Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse, animation

Animation Degrees - Creating a New World

The world of animation is a fantasy world. Ever since Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse, animation has allowed mankind to express itself through a series of ever-changing universes. Places that aren’t limited by the laws of physics, that ignore reality, but through ignoring it more clearly express the greater reality that lives within our minds and imaginations.

Animation is only limited by the creativity of the animators; possibly some of the most creative people of our age. These are the people who don’t just see with their external eyes, but see with the internal ones. They are people who have learned how to dream with their eyes open.

Creating animation is just plain fun. It gives you the opportunity to take the fantasy world that is in your imagination and bring it out to play in a virtual world of your making. Animation degrees teach you the techniques you need to be part of this exciting field; delving into some of the greatest filmmaking of our time.

What do you see on the inside of you? Are you one of those people who should be pursuing animation degrees? Do you see the world differently? Is your particular creativity the kind that borders on fantasy, comedy and expressing the real in unreal ways?

Working towards your animation degree at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh will open the door for turning those dreams that you see with your eyes open into dreams that others can see as well. You will become one of a handful of people who spend their days playing in a fantasy world, and get paid to do it. Your fantasy world will become the fantasy world of many others as well.

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