Announcing the Recipients of the Impact Scholarship) 4/4/2014 <p>Argosy University, Online Programs – in conjunction with The Education Foundation – is pleased to

Announcing the Recipients of the Impact Scholarship

Argosy University, Online Programs – in conjunction with The Education Foundation – is pleased to announce the awardees of the Impact Scholarship: Karyetta Walker and David Acevedo. Karyetta and David were each awarded a one-class tuition scholarship in their respective programs!

In a graduate program, students have the opportunity to substantially impact not only their own lives, but also the lives of others. With that in mind, students were asked to write a personal essay that addressed the question, “How will earning your degree impact your life and those around you?”

Karyetta Walker

Karyetta Walker is pursuing a Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University, Online Programs. After finishing her master's degree, Karyetta decided to pursue Counseling Psychology at the Doctoral level to supplement her knowledge and aide her in her current endeavor of counseling children. With her perseverance and tenacity, Karyetta hopes to have an impact by being a beacon of hope for the children she helps and the community at large.

I am able to be a light to others in the community who are minorities to continue their education, especially as an African American female. I do not give up and every day I tell myself that my success in on purpose. I plan to fulfill and maximize my God-given gift and talents as I am daily given the grace to do so.”

David Acevedo

David Acevedo is working to complete his Master of Science in Human Services from Argosy University, Online Programs. David had a dual major during his undergraduate program, earning both a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and in Drama. Growing up, David equated his desire to help people with that of having a superpower that allowed him to be the good he always admired in his heroes. With his knowledge and strength, David has impacted the lives of children for over twelve years and has helped them overcome obstacles that many might not have otherwise conquered.

“It wasn’t until I started my master’s degree that I realized I had more in common with Superman than I thought. Superman’s superpower was not his strength at all. It was his empathy. When my daughter cries into my shoulder because a kid at school makes fun of her hair, I am super. When a young girl confides in me the evil things her brother did to her, I am super. To think how super I could be with my Master’s degree in hand...I could lead the way to making a better world for all the children in my community.

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