Apply Spring Cleaning to Your Studies) 4/14/2011 <p>By now, you&rsquo;re probably hearing about it everywhere, from your morning television news prog

Apply Spring Cleaning to Your Studies

By now, you’re probably hearing about it everywhere, from your morning television news program to articles online: spring cleaning. Usually, they tell you about how to de-clutter specific rooms in your house, the areas to which you should pay special attention, and how to decide which items you should part with. Although not often applied to one’s studies, the same idea could work for you, wherever you happen to be in your online degree program. We often get so busy staying on top of our coursework, not to mention our work and family responsibilities, that things can start to get a little…well…messy. Now is as convenient a time as any to de-clutter your academic life and maybe you’ll even learn something new in the process.

You’ve most likely held onto notes from previous classes, but they may not be in the most organized format. Take an hour or two to peruse these artifacts of past courses. You’ll refresh your memory on some of the concepts you’ve learned, and you may also be able to weed out redundant notes.

If you really want to be productive at it, you might even consider organizing your notes by subject, importance, or another system you find handy.

You may also find it helpful to use your time to organize yourself for future courses. Since you likely have a general idea of what’s coming up, you can set aside notes and readings you think might help you down the road.

While it’s ideal to always keep your coursework organized, it’s not always feasible. Use spring cleaning as an excuse to set yourself up for future success.

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