Argosy University Students Share Their Thoughts on the Tutoring Center) 12/27/2011 <p>In our last student testimonial blog post, we featured students&rsquo; comments on the Online Lib

Argosy University Students Share Their Thoughts on the Tutoring Center

In our last student testimonial blog post, we featured students’ comments on the Online Library. Today, we explore review their thoughts on the Tutoring Center:

The Tutoring Center contains information for writing styles, APA format, software tutorials like Microsoft Word and even tutorials for how to use Turnitin. All those different tutoring options are very helpful when accessing my classroom and completing assignments. I'm glad Argosy has the Tutoring Center; it makes it easy to find help instead of opening multiple windows on my computer to search for citation hints or formatting word to write my papers.—Stephanie Stouffe, BA in Psychology

The Tutoring Center is the most helpful part of taking classes online. You can get help for almost anything there. There are tutorials for Turnitin, MLA, APA, general software, and more. There are live online tutors that can help you through any slump. I have used the Tutoring Center several times when I just did not seem to understand my courses or the resources that I was asked to use. This is the perfect place for this little guy because having the Tutoring Center has proven to be a life saver. Thank you, Argosy University, for taking the time to develop such an in depth tutoring option. –Kim Gentry, BA in Psychology

The Tutoring Center has helped me with APA format. I was rusty on APA format, since I graduated with my bachelor's in 2005. The link for the APA help site helped me tremendously. I also used the Turnitin training tutorial. I am an online student and understanding Turnitin is very important to my success. I appreciate this tutorial. I have not used the online tutoring services, but I am thankful these services are available if I need them in the future.—Kelly Cleveland, MA in Forensic Psychology

I know all too well the benefits of reaching out to the Tutoring Center to ask for help in the past. I can remember back when I had been struggling trying to keep up with my Statistics class and the understanding part of this class and they helped me quite a bit. I hope I don’t ever have to take Statistics again, but if I do, I’m definitely returning to the good people at the Tutoring Center. They make learning easy with the detailed steps to find a solution for any specific problems you may be having. –Tamika FranklinAmos, BA in Psychology

For more testimonials from Argosy University students, check out our final blog post in this series, featuring the Technical Support Center. It’s coming up next!

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