Cabin Fever Survival Tips) 1/17/2012 <p>The holidays are over. While we can now breathe a collective sigh of relief that the chaos has co

Cabin Fever Survival Tips

The holidays are over. While we can now breathe a collective sigh of relief that the chaos has come to an end, there’s still one rather irksome matter to attend to: winter. The days are shorter this time of the year, and also colder. In many parts of the country, the snow is flying outside, causing traffic hazards and inspiring us to curl up with a blanket and some hot cocoa on the couch.

But surely we can’t spend the next few months in this position, as tempting as it may seem. Other animals like bears hibernate in the summer months, but we, as humans, must press on and continue with our everyday lives.

For the Argosy University student, that means keeping up with your studies.

So how can you use these frigid winter months to your advantage, without developing a serious case of cabin fever in the process? Check out these tips.

  • Get Plenty of Rest. While you can’t exactly follow the bear’s example and sleep until the first day of spring, you’ll find that getting enough sleep – perhaps more than what you needed when it was warmer outside – will make you more productive as an individual. Now, before you start protesting with excuses like, “but I could use that time when I’m sleeping to finish my homework assignments,” consider how much more productive you’ll be when it’s time to do your schoolwork if you have a good night’s rest.
  • Go Outside. Maybe this is the last thing you want to do right now, but think back to when you were a kid, anxiously waiting to find out whether or not today would be a Snow Day. You’d spend hours outside with your siblings and friends building snow forts and snowmen. You’re an adult now, but that’s no reason you can’t have a little fun. If you have kids, get out and enjoy the snow with them. If you don’t, consider taking up a winter sport like cross country skiing. Exercise and fun are just as important in winter as they are at any other time, perhaps even more so!
  • Enjoy a Change of Scenery. If your normal workspace is becoming a little stale, consider changing it. Can you bring your laptop to a nearby coffee shop or restaurant? Perhaps you can get together with a friend and find a new place to study together. You may find that camping out in a public place to complete your work can be inspiring. People watching is always a fun activity, and may provide you with inspiration for your next assignment.

While winter can seem like the most arduous, intolerable time of year for many, with a bit of planning and creativity, you can be every bit as productive as you are at any other time of the year.

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