Career Options with a Master's in Health Science) 8/15/2011 <p>The healthcare industry is one in constant growth. As medical science develops new treatments, cr

Career Options with a Master's in Health Science

The healthcare industry is one in constant growth. As medical science develops new treatments, creates new medicines and makes new discoveries into the function of our bodies, it provides the opportunity for both longer life and better quality of life. This also causes doctors and other health specialists to be so wrapped up in the needs of their patients, that they can’t manage the needs of their business; that’s where health service management personnel come in. With a master’s in health services, you become prepared to be that business manager for healthcare professionals, freeing them up to take care of their patients.

The needs of the healthcare industry are different than the needs of other industries. As opposed to manufacturing or sales, healthcare is dealing with the lives of people, their health, their needs and their tragedies. The typical MBA degree doesn’t prepare one to deal with those needs, nor the management of an organization that caters to those needs. Online health science degrees open the door to management of any number of healthcare-related organizations and businesses.

Hospitals, clinics, HMOs, home healthcare agencies, medical technology services and individual practitioners all need professionals to run the business side of their organizations. Looking around, there seems to be a constant shortage of trained personnel in these fields.

Are you already working in the office of one of these types of health organizations? Studying for your master’s in health services will help prepare you for that step up into management. As you study for your master’s, you will learn valuable skills, which you can apply on the job, including: contemporary business practices, policy development and planning techniques, and analytical research methods. Your ability to handle these greater responsibilities will demonstrate your willingness and readiness for promotion.

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