Combatting Holiday Letdown) 1/10/2019 <p>Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year&rsquo;s have come and gone. With the excitement of the holi

Combatting Holiday Letdown

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s have come and gone. With the excitement of the holidays over and spring still months away, it can be easy to feel down. Cold weather and short days don’t help the situation. How can you overcome the after-holiday letdown and set your sights on warmer, fun-filled days in the future?

According to the Mayo Clinic, the onset of sadness during this time of year can be linked to Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD). Symptoms of the disorder range from low energy to feeling depressed or hopeless, changes in appetite, and problems sleeping. The symptoms start in the winter when the sun sets early, limiting daylight hours. Treatment options can be as basic as light therapy or involve medication and psychotherapy. The condition generally resolves itself once days lengthen and warm up.

Despair can also be caused by a return to the daily grind. Holidays break up work or school. But once January starts, you may see no extended work relief until spring break, the Easter holiday, or even—if you really need some warm weather—Memorial Day weekend.

Break up the long stretch of winter by finding small things to celebrate and look forward to. Bust through the winter doldrums by making a big deal out of a bizarre holiday. Pick a random date on the “Fun Holiday” calendar and live it up! Some of our favorites include:

  • January 30 – Croissant Day
  • February 15 – Gumdrop Day
  • March 25 – Waffle Day
  • April 16 – Wear Pajamas to Work Day (check with your boss first)
  • May 9 – Lost Sock Memorial Day

Need a little extra help beyond celebrating Stuffed Mushroom Day (that’s February 4, in case you were wondering)? You can also work to “retrain your brain” with the help of a professional counselor of psychologist. The concept focuses on replacing negatives with positives—and practicing mindfulness.

Argosy University offers programs in psychology that can help you to become a practitioner who helps people suffering from SAD or other disorders. If you’re interested in learning more about our programs, please visit our website to see a full list of degree options.

Making it through the winter months can feel tough, but when you take small steps and celebrate along the way, it makes the journey much more fun. 

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