Creative Ways to Sneak in a Study Period) 4/14/2011 <p>As an online student, you know that one of the most important keys to success is to stay organize

Creative Ways to Sneak in a Study Period

As an online student, you know that one of the most important keys to success is to stay organized. This means that you probably have specific times set aside to complete your assignments while juggling your job and your family routine. If there are times that you feel like your scheduled study time just isn’t enough, you may want to find sneaky ways to squeeze in a quick session in your day. Check out these ideas below.

While Waiting for the Bus – If you take public transportation to work, why not read a textbook or write notes on an assignment to pass the time?

While Waiting for Your Food – Yum. You just put lasagna in the oven, but it will be awhile before dinner is ready. Get out your laptop and participate in the class discussion, adding your own thoughts and commenting on the thoughts of others.

While Working out on the Treadmill – If your daily trip to the gym is an important part of your routine, take your work with you. Rather than staring off into space, catch up on your course reading. If your class utilizes digital books, you can print off the text and bring it with you to the gym.

During a Long Layover – If you travel for work or pleasure, chances are you’ll spend some of that time waiting at the airport. Make the most of your time and bring your laptop with you.

While Doing Laundry – You can be doubly productive if you study while your clothes are in the dryer!

These are just a few ideas. If you find that there are other situations where you’d otherwise be wasting time, use that time to your advantage and work at your studies.

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