Do these 4 things every day to reduce anxiety.) 8/8/2014 <p>Feeling stressed? You're not alone. 73% of Americans experience stress or anxiety on a regular ba

Do these 4 things every day to reduce anxiety.

Feeling stressed? You're not alone. 73% of Americans experience stress or anxiety on a regular basis and many regularly face situations rife with stress factors they can't control. If you have a lot going on at work, home, and/or school, first, take a deep breath—there are several simple things you can do every day to reduce your anxiety. Read on for a few stress-busting tips:

1. Write it out

Journal writing can be a great stress reliever, and you might find it is easier to express your thoughts on paper rather than sharing them with another person. If you're feeling the pressure, take five or 10 minutes to write about your problem. Writing may help relieve the sense of immediacy the problem has, which will reduce your anxiety. You may even surprise yourself by yielding up some previously unforeseen insights to our situation.

2. Wash up

The human body is made almost entirely of water, so it makes sense that a few drops really help ease anxiety. Try a warm shower to relax your muscles and disconnect from your stressors. If you like it cold, try splashing icy water on your face. The temperature shock might just jump-start you out of your funk.

3. Breathe deeply

Breathing isn't just a key to survival—it's a portal to the present moment. You don't have to be a Zen master to benefit from a few deep breaths. Focus on your breathing and close out the rest of the world for a few seconds. Breathe in to the full extent your lungs can take over 7-10 seconds; hold the air in for another 3-5 seconds; and then slowly expel the air over another 7-10 seconds. This technique can be very helpful when you start to obsess about unanswered questions and uncontrollable situations. It will still be there when you come up for air!

4. Get detailed

Another great way to reduce anxiety is to take a few moments and focus on the details of the room or scenery around you. Do a quick sensory check to make sure you're tuned in. What do you see? Smell? Taste? Hear? Feel? By diving into sensory input, you can disrupt spinning thoughts and allow yourself to calm down.

The tips above may be simple, but that's the point. Try one a day or all four on a regular basis, and you'll be well on your way to a less stressful school year.

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