Don't be Afraid of Fear) 6/25/2012 <p>You probably have certain situations that make you nervous, whether it&rsquo;s speaking in public

Don't be Afraid of Fear

You probably have certain situations that make you nervous, whether it’s speaking in public or writing that important paper for class. Your instincts sometimes encourage you to avoid fearful situations at all costs, but this strategy may not be the best approach. Believe it or not, fear is actually perfectly healthy and even good for you. Here’s why.

If you think about it, you’ve been afraid in situations where you’re uncomfortable or learning something new. We aren’t generally afraid when we’re dealing with familiar territory. When you were a child, maybe you were afraid of the dark or of your parents leaving you home by yourself. As you grew older, you weren’t afraid of the dark anymore, but maybe something new took its place, like performing poorly on your driving test or feeling inadequate as a parent.

More often than not, fear coincides with personal growth. When you decided to earn your degree online, you probably felt a little nervous or even afraid at first. Would you be able to keep up with your assignments? How would you balance school with everything else going on in your life? As you successfully completed your first few classes, you began to gain confidence and the fear subsided. You had conquered your fear by pushing yourself forward.

The bottom line is that fear can make a positive difference in your life. If you don’t push yourself to try new things, you won’t grow as a person. Fear should not be avoided, but rather used as a helpful tool in your life.

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