Earning Your Degree Online – Successful Graduates Share Their Experiences) 9/23/2016 <p> There are many reasons to take online classes, but for most people, it comes down to conven http://www.argosy.edu/our-community/blog/earning-your-degree-online-successful-graduates-share-their-experiences

Earning Your Degree Online – Successful Graduates Share Their Experiences

There are many reasons to take online classes, but for most people, it comes down to convenience. Being able to log into a classroom from virtually anywhere that has an internet connection makes education accessible to almost everyone. But accessibility and convenience are only one part of the equation. As these graduates of Argosy University, Online Programs explain—it takes dedication and a willingness to push on even when life gets challenging.

Each has a unique perspective on how their online education led them to a new career path—or helped them to grow in a current career. And each faced struggles that they overcame to persevere—and earn their degree.

Stephanie Massey

2014, Doctorate of Education, Organizational Leadership, Argosy University, Online Programs

Self-employed Author and Publisher

“I had no idea that online studying would be so challenging. However with the support of my counselor [at Argosy University, Online Programs), the intelligent facilitators, and fellow colleagues, I graduated with my Doctorate. It gave a whole new meaning to the words ‘it takes a village.’”

Today, Stephanie is excited to have earned the highest level of academic degree. “Attending Argosy University, Online Programs was one of the wisest steps I have taken in life.”

Carlos Zaldivar

2009, Master of Science in Management , Argosy University, Online Programs

Architectural Designer, Franklin Zaldivar Architecture & Planning

“[I chose Argosy University, Online Programs] because I was hoping to move into a different field of work and gain professional accreditation in the administrative part of the architecture industry,” says Carlos.

He believes that his education at Argosy University, Online Programs taught him how to communicate efficiently. Carlos admits that being in an online program was challenging at first, because he was used to working with people in person. Today he says that overcoming that challenge provided an opportunity for growth—and he built strong relationships with both his instructors and classmates. He adds that his instructors empowered him to learn the tools needed to be successful in his industry. “The professionalism and level of expertise [of my instructors] was a sign of leadership and good example to follow.”

Liza Shaftic

2012, Master of Science in Management, Argosy University, Online Programs

Workers Compensation Specialist II, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Liza chose to attend Argosy University, Online Programs because of the school’s management programs. “Each class in the management program helped me to learn organizational skills and time management. [My instructors] were extremely helpful. When I needed them or had a question, they were a phone call away and really helped me during my [time at school].”

But she admits that working full time while attending school was challenging. “It wasn't always easy. When it wasn't, I reminded myself that I was learning something. All of my hard work is what was helping and changing me.”

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