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Exercising and Online Learning

Juggling work, school, and family responsibilities can be tricky as an online student. You know that staying fit and healthy is important, but you think that the last thing you have time for is exercise. With a little creativity and planning, however, you’ll find that you may have more time than you think. Follow some of our tips below.

  • Walk More – Use your lunch break to take a walk with a co-worker. Park farther away when you go shopping. If an errand you need to run is a short distance away, consider walking rather than driving to your destination.
  • Get the Family Involved – If one of your reasons for not exercising is that you won’t have time to spend with your family, why not combine the two and get your family involved with your activity? Go on a short hike together, ride bikes, or rent some canoes. You’ll have a great bonding experience while burning calories at the same time.
  • Multitask – If you like to unwind in front of the television after a hectic day, consider adding exercise to the mix here too. March or jog in place during the commercial breaks or hop on your treadmill or elliptical machine while you take in your favorite program.
  • Use Weekends – Many of us are stretched to the max during the week, which is why weekends can often be a great time to fit in some exercise. It’s also a great time to use the tips we mentioned above.

When you look back over our tips, you might find that exercising can actually be fun and manageable, and you’ll have more energy to go about your day in the long run.

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