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Facilitating Creativity with Course Media

When it comes to creative professions like Graphic Design, Photography and Kitchen & Bath Design, many prospective students wonder how they can hope to grasp key concepts in the online classroom. The misconception is that these programs necessitate face-to-face interaction, but the Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division aims to overcome these objections.

It’s important to bring to light the interactive nature of online learning, and it could be argued that this delivery method facilitates creativity as well as—or better than—its ground school counterparts. One way in which this is accomplished is through course media presentations, which include video demonstrations, interactive quizzes, and hands-on drawing tools.

Graphic Design students have access to demonstrations from qualified instructors on vital course material. For example, in a video from FND110: Drawing , the instructor illustrates line weights and how they are applied. Unlike a traditional classroom, the online classroom allows you to rewind and re-watch in order to aid in knowledge retention.

In another media presentation,  for Photography students in PH333: Photo History II, the different types of page layouts designed by Alexey Brodovitch are not only described, but displayed on the screen with specific details emphasized.

Media presentation is just one way in which the Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division aims to engage the creative student.

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