Meet an Instructor Who Knows the Value of an Argosy Education) 3/31/2014 <p>Dr. Lisa Faille is a licensed psychologist and experienced instructor who has taught psychology f

Meet an Instructor Who Knows the Value of an Argosy Education

Dr. Lisa Faille is a licensed psychologist and experienced instructor who has taught psychology for over a decade, both online and in campus classrooms. Currently, Dr. Faille is an Assistant Professor in the Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology program at Argosy University, Online Programs, where she has been since 2008.

“I have wanted to teach as long as I can remember. I am passionate about expanding someone’s views and opening up students’ eyes not just to new perspectives, but also to new ways of thinking,” she says.

In her work at Argosy University, she is proud to be affiliated with an organization that makes online education available for so many talented students. “I am so inspired by my students every day,” she explains, adding, “The students who overcome the biggest challenges are the most memorable, and I am fortunate to have been able to teach them – and learn from them!

In addition to being an instructor, Dr. Faille works closely with all Psychology doctoral students as the College of Behavioral Sciences dissertation chair and committee member, where she is grateful for the role she plays in shaping future researchers.

Dr. Faille’s academic background includes an MA in Counseling Psychology from Georgia State University as well as a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco. During her doctoral program, she completed practicums at the San Francisco County Jail and Oakland’s Family Violence Institute. For her American Psychological Association accredited internship, she worked at a forensic psychiatric hospital and later completed a post-doctoral fellowship in adolescent forensics in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University.

Her professional experience includes working as a therapist for violent and sexual offenders in juvenile and adult correctional facilities providing cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychological assessments. In recent years, Dr. Faille co-authored an article on screening for adolescent suicidality/homicidality as well as a chapter on the prevention and treatment of violence, published in the book Violent Crime: Clinical and Social Implications.

In addition to being an Argosy University, Online Programs instructor, Dr. Faille is also an alumni, having earned a Master of Public Health in 2013 as part of her desire to understand and study violence as a public health issue. “I know the value of an Argosy program first hand since I am a recent graduate,” she said. “I can personally attest to the quality of the course content and all that one can learn from it.”

Both as an alumnus and as an instructor, Dr. Faille sees great value in education. “Earning a graduate degree is hard work, but it is worth is more than anything,” says Dr. Faille. “Remember, once you have your degree, you will have it forever. Earning my graduate degrees was the best professional decision I ever made.”


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