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Featured Program: Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology

Check Out Argosy University - Online Programs’ Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology Degree Program. If you have a background in criminal justice, psychology, or a related field and are looking for a unique and exciting career change into a growing field, you should consider the field of forensic psychology.

So what is Forensic Psychology?
In a nutshell, forensic psychology involves combining science and psychology and then applying those disciplines to criminal justice. Forensic psychologists work in many areas of law enforcement, examining the psychology behind criminal behavior and providing services such as consultation, assessment, and intervention.

Argosy University’s MA degree program in Forensic Psychology is administered by the Argosy's College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, founded in 1975, and today is part of the University’s College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. What’s even better? The professors teaching courses in this program are faculty-practitioners that not only teach; they work in the field, meaning that you’ll have the opportunity gain relevant skills sets and valuable knowledge – not just theory.

What will you have the opportunity to learn?
As a student in Argosy University’s MA in Forensic Psychology degree program online, you’ll have the opportunity to learn a myriad of skills and to gain a wealth of knowledge about several items including the epidemiology of mental/behavioral disorders, risk factors for violence and criminality, profiling and patterning, psychological testing, prediction and intervention measurement, criminal and civil law procedures and much more. What can you do with these skill and knowledge? Graduates of the MA in Forensic Psychology degree program can get started in careers as:

  • Therapists
  • Government agents
  • Educators
  • Legal and insurance consultants

If you’re interested in learning more about the MA in Forensic Psychology degree program offered by Argosy University, Online Programs, click here for more information or call 1-866-4ARGOSY and talk with one of our Admissions Representatives.

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