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4 Places to Connect with Your Peers

Connections: Connections is an exclusive community for faculty and students to interact. Here, you can participate in the community chat, upload photos and videos, and join student groups and organizations. Go beyond introducing yourself – start asking questions and get a conversation going!

Here are some areas on Connections where you can get involved:

1. Departments: Stay connected with faculty and students from your program and department in this area of Connections. Career Services, Counseling Department and Student Community groups are located here, as well as program specific groups. 
2. Organizations: Get involved in student chapters of professional organizations as well as groups organized by Student Affairs. You’ll be growing your professional network and making new friends at the same time. 
3. Lounges: Create your own group in the lounge area based on anything from your location to your specific interests outside of school. Or, join one of the many student-created groups that already exist.

Facebook: Like us on Facebook to find out which of your friends from Connections are also interacting on these social media sites. Get involved in our conversations or start your own!

Skype: We talked about Skype earlier this year on the blog. It’s a great free tool that allows face-to-face communication and can be used on a computer or a smart phone. Plus, Connections now allows you to display your Skype user name on your profile and to see the Skype names of your friends.

LinkedIn: Connect with fellow students on this professional networking site. This could come in handy for future job searches! Plus, your peers might be willing to give you recommendations or endorsements on LinkedIn, which could make your profile stand out to potential employers.

Connecting with your peers will give you the opportunity to develop a support system for school, build lasting friendships and grow your network of contacts in your desired industry. What are you waiting for?

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