Getting to Know Academic Counselor Lindsay Schulte) 8/22/2011 <p>Many students at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh &ndash; Online Division speak with their Academi

Getting to Know Academic Counselor Lindsay Schulte

Many students at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division speak with their Academic Counselors on a daily basis. Academic Counselors provide academic support to students whenever they need it, but students might not often think much about who the person is who’s helping them every day and what their unique interests are.

Lindsay Schulte has been an Academic Counselor for Interior Design, Residential Planning, and Kitchen & Bath Design students at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division for almost two years. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at The Pennsylvania State University in Mass Communications with a minor in Business.

When Lindsay was growing up, she wanted to be a dancer. She remarks, “I took dance lessons for 13 years. I eventually realized that sports were my true passion while watching the videotapes my parents made of my dance recitals.” Nowadays, she’s kept on her toes by her dog, Gadget. Though he’s 13 years old, he enjoys exploring the neighborhood on his own. Says Lindsay, “He apparently is not aware how old he is now and how time has affected his speed…I can typically catch him before he leaves the yard now with his slow motion walk.”

Lindsay’s desire to help others began in high school and college, when she volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. In college, she worked at a pizza shop, where she enjoyed interacting with the customers while preparing the pizzas. “That job taught me how to cook, and to this day pizza and pasta are two of the five things that I can actually make,” she says.

Of her current job as an Academic Counselor, Lindsay says, “I have met the most creative people through these programs. I am always impressed about the ideas and designs that students come up with. It’s great to talk to students and hear their excitement with every new class they take.” In her spare time, Lindsay enjoys watching any Pittsburgh sports team, playing softball, golfing, and reading.

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