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Going Back to School as a Parent: Getting a Strong Start

It’s hard enough to manage your kids’ homework. What happens when you have your own homework, too? 

For parents who choose to return to school—either to earn their first degree or for a Master’s or Doctorate, balancing school work and family can be difficult. Throw in a full time or part time job, and things can get downright chaotic.

An online education allows parents to learn within their busy schedule

The workday ends at 5 pm. Kids have soccer at 6 pm and you’re going to take your class at—when? With online education, you can log in and see your classwork at anytime—day or night.

Jessica Iduarte works for the Department of Family Protective Services in Harris County, Texas, says that she chose to earn her psychology degree from Argosy University, Online Programs because of the flexible schedule. She could take classes on her own time and complete assignments between kids’ activities and family time. Earning a degree also allowed her to move into a higher paying job, which benefitted her entire family.

“[Having a degree] has helped me to earn a comfortable income to raise my children.” Jessica completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2015.

And while she admits that earning her online bachelor’s degree wasn’t easy, she recommends that parents stay focused on the end goal. “Just don't give up. Keep going no matter what life throws at you. It is worth it in the end and it will open up so many doors for a good future.”

Make sure your family is on board

Nothing’s more challenging than trying to manage kids and your own education without the support of family and friends. Before you start back to school, talk to your family, your spouse or partner, and your friends. Be sure that you have childcare set up on the days that you need to go into the classroom—or for times when you know you’re going to need to focus on your studies. It’s helpful to choose specific times for homework, too. This not only makes it a set part of your day, it keeps the schedule consistent for child caregivers.

Vannice Lawrence, who earned two degrees from Argosy University, Online Programs, says that having a supportive husband helped her to achieve her lifelong goal to earn not just one, but two degrees. In 2015, she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and in 2016, she earned a Master of Science in Human Resources Management.

“I have faced working two or three jobs [at a time] and now I am working one job because [my earning power has increased],” she says. Today, she’s family service worker investigator for the Department of Human Services.

Find the right fit

While online degree programs are a great fit for some, a bricks-and-mortar education is still preferred by many non-traditional students. Some even chose a combination of both. Read about the program you’re interested in. Go into the school and talk to the instructors. Find out if the school is committed to helping you work within your busy schedule.

Vannice Lawrence says that she chose Argosy University, Online Programs because “the faculty and staff cared so deeply for the people [attending school there].”

The importance of building a relationship with the school is echoed by Licie Essenmacher, who in in 2014 earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Argosy University, Online Programs. Licie is a United States military veteran who now manages a program for interns working at Space and Naval Warfare Systems.

The faculty and staff were always very supportive,” she states, mentioning that she requested the same advisor for all of her studies at Argosy University, Online Programs. “We have developed a good working relationship. From areas of study to researching skills, Argosy University, Online Programs has given me the tools I needed to succeed in my career field.”

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