Graphic Design Schools Online: Find Your Program) 10/31/2011 <p>When you look at a magazine advertisement or one in the newspaper, does it stir you? Does that ad

Graphic Design Schools Online: Find Your Program

When you look at a magazine advertisement or one in the newspaper, does it stir you? Does that ad catch your eye, compelling you to look at it, to see what it says, and to learn about the product being advertised? If not, the graphic artist who created that ad missed their mark. As a graphic artist, their goal is to attract your attention to the mundane, making it interesting. These are the skills that you can learn in graphic design schools online.

The graphic artist, sometimes referred to as a commercial artist, is one who creates the art of everyday life. Whether it is an advertising brochure, a billboard or a web page, graphic artists strive to create an image that draws the viewer in to read the copy on that advertisement. Their tools are color, design and composition; and their art is making the world of advertising beautiful.

While fine artists scoff at graphic artists as not being “pure art,” it is the graphic designer who is able to make a living, while the fine artist often struggles to make ends meet. An Andy Warhol painting of a Tomato Soup can is considered fine art, but it is fine art that is bordering on graphic design. Even when the economy turns down, companies need to advertise, offering some security for quality graphic designers.

Today, graphic design has become computerized; not that computers do the art, for computers have no soul, but because the graphic designer uses a computerized pallet to create a digital image. In a sense, graphic design is the merging of technology and creativity, using technology to create design, which will often be shown on the first.

With graphic design schools online you don’t have to go to the school to study, the school can come to you; on your own computer, in the comfort of your own home. So, the program you need is already as close as your computer. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division provides graphic design degrees amongst its many offerings. Professionals who have already demonstrated their ability to succeed as graphic designers teach these degrees. They won’t be just teaching you from a book, but go beyond, to teach you from their life and experience.

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