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How Argosy Found My Smile

By Guest Blogger

Jessica Lopez
BS Criminal Justice Student at Argosy University

Have you ever had a dream where you were someone else? A dream so real that when you woke up you had to look in the mirror and touch your face to make sure you were awake? I had a dream like that once upon time. Many years ago I used to feel like I was destined to be someone important. I was going to be a famous author, a big shot lawyer or President. I was going to be somebody and everyone was going to know my name. I was going to have my name in flashing lights. I was going to showcase my talents to the world! But then, the alarm clock rang and with one eye open I realized that the flashing lights were just dream.

Slowly, sitting on the edge of my bed staring in the mirror, I began to wonder how I let myself get so far off the path, the trajectory of my life. I sat listening to my husband snore and the kitten meowing loudly for his breakfast, and thought “what happened to me; who is this girl I see in the mirror?” After contemplating whether or not aliens snatched my body and I was just a programmed clone to do their bidding, I snapped back to reality and went on my morning routine stumbling across the room, tripping on the husband’s shoes (he swears he never leaves in the middle of the walkway). Cursing under my breath while racing the kitten to his food dish (at least he thinks we are racing to the food dish, I am racing to the coffee pot and happen to drop food in his dish so he will stop meowing) I wake my daughter up and tell her to get her dog outside and feed her. I hit the shower and finally wake up. Once I have had my shower and coffee, I proceed to make breakfast and then run out the door to work. This was my life. Isn’t life supposed to be fun? What happened to fun? My life sure felt like work.

Work, now there is a concept to think about. When I was younger I thought working was awesome. It was MONEY! What is better than MONEY? Once I moved out on my own, MONEY was taken by BILLS and work was no longer cool. Over the years I haven’t minded my jobs, but I felt like a brain dead clone. I became a lifeless robot stuck on repeat. Maybe at this point, I was wishing for an alien abduction just to have a funny story to tell at dinner. But reality sunk in and I realized I wanted more out of life.

One day searching on the internet, I saw some ads for online schools. I thought about requesting information just for the fun of it. One of my dreams did involve having a degree. So I got a little excited and went to request information, but guess what they asked for, “What career field are you interested in?” I looked at the screen like a lost puppy. I honestly had no idea what I really wanted to do with my life. It was like a wakeup call, something to think about.

I contacted Argosy admissions office and spoke to one of their admissions representatives. I felt kind of bad because I think I overwhelmed her with questions. She bent over backwards to help me make up my mind to enroll. She spent hours talking to me and I finally decided to enroll in the Psychology program because I was extremely interested in Psychology.

I started working on my general education credits and had a few psychology classes, and started doubting my interest in the psychology major. It was not a lack of interest in the program that made me change my mind, it was the in depth program that helped me realize who I am. I was amazed at how the classes brought about self-reflection. The discussion topics and reflection papers helped me define myself to myself. Right before the end of my freshman year I received a change in my academic and student finance counselors. I took this opportunity to get to know my new academic counselor and just started asking questions.

My academic counselor is the most amazing person. She is always there for me. She always listens to me, questions me about what I want out of life and what my true interests are. She has reassured me that I have not been abducted by aliens and this is NOT a dream. She helps me constantly on my journey of self-discovery and I am blessed to say that with her help I am now a sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice with a concentration on Forensic Psychology. It is with her guidance and the programs that Argosy has put together for their online students that have made me learn to smile again.

Today I woke up and looked in the mirror. I still tripped over my husband’s shoes and raced the kitten down the hall, but I was smiling while I did it. I have not felt so alive and in control of my life in a long time. I am proud to be an Argosy University student. With their help, all my dreams are starting to feel possible.

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